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Guest artist: Darren Ashbaugh

By April 13, 2018Uncategorized

Along with providing you with some of the best artists in the state, we occasionally like to showcase talented tattooers from around the world. This month we have the pleasure of welcoming Darren Ashbaugh in for a couple of days! Here is a little bit about Darren:


After 4 years in the Army, Darren started tattooing. He had gotten an apprenticeship from a German fellow named Klaus Zimmerer. After work he’d go into the shop in downtown Grafenwohr, Gremany. After a year and a half, he went to the Middle East for Desert Storm. When he came home, he was stationed in Virginia where he worked on fellow Army soldiers. After getting out of the Army, he went home to St. Louis, Moved to Carbondale, IL and attended art college. There he worked a local studio, Lady Hawke Ink, for 3 years and went on to buy the studio renaming it Golgotha Tattoos. Golgotha would eventually close after 15 years in business. Now Darren travels and does guest spots around the world. He also does work out of his private studio affectionately named, you guessed it, Golgotha Tattoos!


Darren will be here from April 19th – 21st. Be sure to check out his Instagram (@darrenash) to see some of his work and contact him directly for availability.