Joey Knuckles


Since 2002, Joey Knuckles has devoted his time, effort, and every minute fiber of his being into becoming the proficiently creative artistic powerhouse that he is today at Columbus, Ohio’s High Street Tattoo. As a Columbus local, he always felt an obligational intent to bring his hometown his worldly knowledge of the rich history and culture of the tattooing microcosm.

Joey has cut his teeth by pouring his blood, sweat, and tears into his artistic passion and chosen profession at prestigious east coast shops such as Philadelphia Eddie’s, Olde City Tattoo, New York Hardcore, and Black Vulture Gallery.

After marrying the love of his life and heeding the call of home to Columbus, Ohio, his career came full circle when he inherited High Street Tattoo from its original founder and mentor, Giovani.

Joey and his “Knuckles Knows How” work ethic and love of tattoo history gives his clients ranges of proficient tattoo styles to choose from. Joey is experienced in small to large scale: cover­ups, custom lettering, Japanese style illustrations, traditional/neo­traditional, floral and custom illustrative pieces.

You can also see Joey’s album artworks for bands such as Old Firm Casuals, Pound for Pound, Wisdom in Chains and his own Yesterday’s Youth.

Joey has also has auspiciously dipped his large toes into world of fine art with wildly successful solo exhibitions like “Five Years in Philly” which was displayed in both Philadephia and Columbus in 2013. His large scale hand painted posters for local Hardcore/Punk shows inspired the installation of his 2016 gallery show Growing Up a Punk, a solo show featuring twenty+ years of Hardcore/Punk Rock culture and art.

When not tattooing, Joey hones his skills by investing time in commissioned paintings while also owning/co­owning three tattoo shops in the Columbus area with other talented local tattoo artists: High Street Tattoo, Body Language and Sacred Hand Tattoo.

Contact Info for Inquiries and Prints: High Street Tattoo
872 N. High Street
Columbus, OH 43215 – (614) 294.8888

Jimbo Tamoro


Jimbo is our part time Manager here at High Street Tattoo from Monday-Wednesday. He handles meeting the needs of our talented artists and helping our amazing clients at the front desk.

Chris Kestner 




Chris is our full-time manager here at High Street Tattoo from Thursday – Sunday. He meets all the needs of our talented artists and helps our amazing clients have the most enjoyable experience possible.


Personal Hours: 12pm – 12am Friday – Sunday and 12pm – 10pm Monday
Days Off: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
Tattooing since 2004

Biggs work resonates with a bold, powerful tone that catches your eye immediately. His use of structure and bold, crisp lines contribute to creating a profound visual signature on the wearer.

Chad Patzer

Personal Hours: 12pm-10pm
Days Off: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

Chad Patzer started his path toward tattooing 7 years ago. Working aside and learning from some of the top artist in Columbus, where he was born and raised. Though Chad enjoys tattooing all things, from full on custom to small aesthetically pleasing designs, he has a strong passion for the traditional style of tattooing. He holds every tattoo not only deserving of the utmost quality but also the best experience possible.

Blake Hall
Personal Hours: 12pm-10pm
Days Off: Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday

Blake’s artistic approach reflects his deft aptitude for a wonderfully detailed and a vibrantly chromatic technique. His aesthetic roots are deeply mired in the rich soil of Traditional fundamentals which evokes a creative direction toward clean, uncomplicated designs that withstand the test of time.

Ian Friend

Personal Hours: 12pm-10pm Mon-Tue and 12pm-12am Sat-Sun
Days Off: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

Ian Friend is a Columbus native with a broad array of artistic expertise. After graduating from CCAD in 2010 with a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Design, he was graciously offered the opportunity to learn the art of tattooing. After two arduous years of painstakingly laboring to understand the proficiency of the techniques, he returned to Columbus, and has devoted all of his time into scrupulously honing his skills, making sure to pay equal attention to all styles and applications of this ancient art form. You can find him creating a veritable buffet of beautiful and meticulously crafted designs on the canvas of the human form at High Street Tattoo.

Will Murray

Personal Hours: 12pm-10pm
Days Off: Sunday, Monday, Tuesday

Will has spent the past five years resolutely toiling over the gentle hum of a tattoo machine in the ceaseless pursuit of honing the artistic skills it takes to be a successful tattoo artist. Although his primary inspiration was born out of the rich pedigree of the American Traditional foundation, he is not bound to any one style. Consistent saturation and fastidious line work are of paramount priority in every piece he designs. Will takes his time to collaborate with each of his clients to deliver the best tattoo possible, both compositionally and for longevity.

Skoty Fox


Personal Hours: 12pm-10pm Thurs and 12pm-12am Fri-Sun
Days Off: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday

Skoty is a well rounded tattooer born and raised in Florida, the good ol’ “Sunshine State”. There he was offered an apprenticeship at a local shop in Vero Beach called “Deuces Wild Tattoo” where he spent the last 6 years working on his artistic craft. At High Street Tattoo, Skoty continues to grow as an artist and tattooer as he works diligently to never stop learning and trying new things in different mediums to ensure the clients under his care leave happy.

Charlie Campanella


Personal Hours: 12pm-10pm Wed-Thurs and 12pm-12am Fri-Sun
Days Off: Monday and Tuesday

Charlie, a native Oklahoman, made the long journey to Columbus, Ohio to focus his natural artistic talent into the field of tattooing which he has always greatly admired. Under the careful tutelage of the tattooing force of nature that is Joey Knuckles, Charlie was able to creatively flourish; understand tattooing as a craft, a history, and as an industry; and claw through the gritty ranks with hard work, steely-eyed determination, and an undeniable eye for composition finally reaching the apex at High Street Tattoo. Although the cornerstone of his style has its toes in the rich heritage of American Traditionalism as well as reflecting folk themes with a chromatically vibrant color palette, he is not contained to any one technique.

Eric “Spicoli” Cameron


Personal Hours: 12pm-10pm
Days Off: Sunday and Monday

Eric “Spicoli” Cameron hails from the sleepy two-horse town of Dayton, OH where he paid his dues as a fledgling tattoo artist way back in 2012. With an iron strength of will and stalwart artistic resolve, he was able to claw his way out of the vapid vacuum of drabness to the hustle and bustle of Columbus, OH. While his preferred aesthetic lies in the deep, bold lines and the rich, vivid saturation of American traditionalism, he is not immured to a single creative direction.