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After 8 years of building the High Street Tattoo name and artist roster, founder and owner Giovani, has handed the reigns over to former employee and long-time friend Joey Knuckles ( But don't fret, Gio is still tattooing, by appointment only ). Joey was part of the original crew in the very beginnings of the shop, who later traveled on to Philadelphia where he spent the last five years honing his skills, and becoming a stronger artist. It goes without saying that with a new owner, came a lot of new exciting changes. The shop has been re-modeled, re-amped, and is continuing to evolve every day. Additionally, we have more guest artists coming through the doors than ever, and speaking of artists...with our powerhouse staff Eric Adkins, Haley Zontini, Joey Knuckles, and Giovani already bringing seriously solid work to Columbus, we've made three new additions to the High Street Family. Former employee and amazingly talented artist Jay Blevins has returned full-time to the staff. Also, long-time friend and former apprentice Matt Carlisle is now part of our hard-working, progressive staff. And last, but definitely not least, the true wizard of tattooing Steve Cvinar is back! ( tattooing by appointment only ). Exciting things are happening here, and you can bet there will be more and more to come only at High Street Tattoo "A Columbus Tradition in Quality".
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