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Summer is around the corner, and High Street Tattoo couldn’t be more ready. With a progressing staff, the shop has been far from left behind and has seen changes from every angle to make everyone involved more comfortable and to pay respect to tattoo history and to those tattoo masters that have came before us. If you haven’t heard the news we’ve changed our hours, as well. Open Every Day, 12:00 PM - 10:00 PM. So you can even come in on Sunday now to get some awesome work done.

We wanna give a shout-out to our amazing staff. Our owner Joey Knuckles, and all our talented crew Biggs, Haley Zontini, Jay Blevins, Brandon Blevins, and Chad Patzer. The whole staff here is ever-progressing their craft through tattooing, painting, fine art, and the exchanging of ideas and thoughts through other artists, tattooer or not. We refuse to give you anything other than a solid, amazing piece of work that will have integrity for years to come. High Street Tattoo: “A Columbus Tradition in Quality” We specialize in many different styles, ranging from large scale full custom, to classic designs…With 60 Years Combined Experience we can help you create a perfect fit.

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